Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy birthday Poppy!

We had a great birthday celebration for Poppy the other night at Auntie Bebe and Uncle Mark's.  It was a small gathering, but everyone had a grand time.  We spent much of the evening playing out back.  Dave and Kurt have both started playing lacrosse, so they were giving Adam a few pointers!  (Don't mind Adam's apron, he also spent some time making chocolates with Auntie Bebe)

We were sad that Ommy couldn't be there, but she still got to talk with everyone and helped us serenade Poppy---amazing how technology can bring us all together!

The birthday boy enjoyed the Mediterranean inspired spread, highlighted by a grilled leg of lamb.  It was all topped off with a HUGE chocolate cake which we all devoured. 

Happy happy birthday Poppy, we all love you very much!

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