Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"How 'bout day?"

Every night, even before Adam could even answer, before he goes to bed, one of us sits in his rocking chair with him to talk about his day.  Awhile back, our daily question of "Adam, tell us about your day, what did you do?" Turned into Adam prompting us after bath and brushing teeth to do "How 'bout day." 

I have to say, on nights when all we want to do is go right from bath to brushing teeth to bed, Adam catching us and reminding us that, "no, we gotta do how 'bout day first," is a great reminder that we should take some time to unwind, as a family, and talk about what happened in all those hours that we were apart. 

It's definitely a special part of the day where we'll hear about what he had for lunch, which kids got into trouble during the day (even fessing up to his own mischievous behavior) and highlighting his favorite parts which tend to involve playing outside. 

Recently we've started to prompt Adam to ask us about our days...I mean it's only fair.  It usually goes quickly from us trying to get in a few bits about our day to him laughing about something one of the Lillys in his class did. 

However tonight, Adam told me to sit down so he could do "How 'bout Mommy's day." A little shocked, and mostly hoping that he didn't expect I'd sit in his lap, I proceeded to sit in the rocking chair as he sat Indian style across from me on the ottoman.  He folded his hands in his lap and asked, "So Mommy? Did you go to work today?"  "Did you have meetings?" "Did you take Liddy for a walk?" "Did you see the space shuttle on the 47?" "You did?? Yay!!"  And he then proceeded to clap his hands in excitement for the great day I had.

Even if I hadn't written this down, I know I'd never forget it...

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Aimee Chappell said...

That's so adorable!!! It's been too long since we've seen the little guy. Sounds like he's growing up way too fast!