Sunday, July 12, 2015

Adam & Mommy's Weekend of Fun...

A couple months back (yes, still playing catch up!) Andy spent the weekend with his folks down at Bethpage while Adam and I hung out around here. We had a birthday party to go to but found a way to fill in plenty of other fun activities as well. 

First on the line-up was our inaugural trip to the Reston Farmer's Market at Lake Anne. The weather was beautiful and we even got to cheer on a group of guys competing in a mini-sailing regatta. After that we hit up the park and worked on our leg pumping skills. :) 

The next day we decided to visit Frying Pan Park to check in on all the animals there. That place never fails to provide a good two hours worth of entertainment - and exercise. This trip, in addition to the carousel, we finally were able to catch a tractor ride around the entire farm - definitely worth the $2.00 ticket! 

We definitely missed daddy but it was a fun weekend for this mom and her boy! :) 

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