Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mother's Day visit to Busch Gardens...

We had such a fun time visiting Busch Gardens last spring that we decided it was probably worth turning into an annual event. This time we invited Kathleen & Olivia to come along and Andy decided to keep an eye on the dogs at the campground. Being a few months pregnant I knew I would have to take it easy, but considering Adam is still pretty little I was able to still do a lot of fun stuff with him.

The best part about taking Adam at such a young age is that everything seems like an adventure, even the tram ride from the parking lot! And while those little legs can start to tire out, the promise of an ice cream cone or another fun ride are all the motivation they need to kick it into high gear. 

We got there right when they opened and hit up the Sesame Street kiddie roller coaster right away. With a very short line we were able to ride it a few times before moving on to other activities. Adam will definitely be a thrill seeker - he liked that coaster but had his eyes on Apollo's Chariot, Loch Ness Monster, and more - height restriction still applies - but maybe next year! 

The gondola ride was another big hit - Olivia especially enjoyed that part - and who could blame her. I love flying (slowly) through the air and it sure gets you from country to country a lot faster. It's also the perfect mode of transport to get you to the Log Flume ride - a favorite from last year that Adam couldn't wait to ride again. Olivia couldn't be convinced so it was just Adam and me getting soaked - but totally worth it. :) 

Olivia did enjoy some of the tradition rides - some of which I think we even rode when we were little kids - and Kathleen was nice to take Adam on some of the bigger rides that I didn't think would be good for a person in my "condition." ;) 

It was a very fun day and we're already looking forward to next year's visit where, if Adam eats enough veggies, he just might be tall enough for some of the bigger coasters - now if that's not motivation to eat that broccoli, I don't know what is!? ;) 

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