Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adam's Last Day of Kindergarten...

Wow! Did that school year fly by or what!? It really seems like we were just packing up his lunch and putting him on the bus for the first day and all of a sudden the year is over. Adam learned so much this year and has grown so much too! It's amazing to hear him reading to himself and to have him read to us at night. He's writing mini-stories and drawing awesome pictures to go along with them. His math skills have already surpassed mine...ok, maybe that's a stretch but he has stumped me a few times...oh boy! His teacher, Mrs. Jaeschke, was very proud of his accomplishments and had very nice things to say on his end of year report card - which I'm happy to brag was really super and his end of year test score just two points shy of perfection (and worthy of some celebratory Star Wars books!) Proud parents for sure! First grade here he comes! 

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