Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baby boy #2 update...

We blinked and this pregnancy was half over! Baby boy #2 has been a very good tenant thus far, much like Adam was. Hoping that's only the beginning of their similarities - suppose only time will tell!

We took Adam along with us for our 20 week sonogram. He was amused at first and then bored - ha - I forgot it is a 30 minute visit so I can't blame him too much. Baby boy was not being very cooperative, all curled up in a ball the entire time, so we have to have another sonogram at my 24 week appointment so they can get a better look at his spine and heart - otherwise everything else was looking great. Oh, and we also were thankful we already knew he was a boy as he certainly wasn't cooperating in that department either - phew! It would have been torture to wait four more weeks to find out team blue or team pink.

We did get some cute pics of his profile and his little feet - and confirmation of 10 toes, 10 fingers, so that's something!

He's definitely growing and moving around a lot. Andy was finally able to feel him kicking the other night - which was nice. Now to find a time when he's kicking that Adam can get a feel - sadly he seems to be most active late at night - no doubt a sign of what's to come those first few weeks he's home...oh boy.

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