Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Adam's first lost tooth...

I'll admit, the whole loosing teeth thing has not been something I've been looking forward to - aside from the excitement of the Tooth Fairy coming to visit - the whole wiggly tooth, pulling teeth, toothless grin thing just gives me the willies - yeah that's right - the willies. 

Alas, it's a part of life so I've got to find a way to embrace it. We discovered Adam's first wiggly tooth about a month before it actually fell out. While the dentist recommended eating apples, bagels, pizza, etc. to try and wiggle that thing loose, Adam had other ideas - like completely avoiding using that part of his mouth...*sigh. 

However as luck would have it after a month of trying to get him to wiggle it and a few wiggle sessions from Daddy, that sucker finally came out - while he was at Grandma & Grandpa's! Ha! Luckily it fell out in the morning so the Tooth Fairy was still on the books to visit our house for her inaugural visit. 

In preparation for this moment I had purchased an adorable Tooth Fairy pillow that a friend of friend makes and sells online - see here. So cute and has a little compartment in the back to put the tooth and for the Tooth Fairy to put the money. Convenient and the Tooth Fairy doesn't have to risk waking Adam up when she digs around under his pillow to get it. (wink wink) 

So it was off to bed that night with his tooth in the pillow and before long Adam was waking up to the jackpot - the Tooth Fairy had left it $5.00 - with the understanding that the first tooth is always worth more. 

So that's one tooth down...17ish more to go?! 

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