Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whaler Town...

Would probably have been a fitting name for Chincoteague as it was full of Boston Whalers.  I suppose Whaler owners do love getting their boats back into salt water and being such a friendly and tight knit group, boating on such a small-town beachy island seems rather fitting. 

At our hotel alone we had three Whalers tied up at the dock.  Of course, two of them belonged to our group, but still.  We counted plenty more out in the water and at neighboring docks as well.  Perhaps that's part of the reason why Andy loves this place so much.  And there truly is something different about Whaler owners, always kind and courteous and they never forget to wave (which is certainly not the case with some of the other boaters out there, I mean seriously, how can you refuse to wave back to an adorable toddler waving his hand in the air saying "hi boat"???)   But I digress...

One of the great perks of this hotel we stayed at was the fact that our boats were sitting right there just waiting to be used.  We could go out for a quick 15 minute splash without feeling like we need to stay out longer to make the effort worthwhile, because really there was no effort!  We took early morning boat rides and sunset boat rides.  We even saw at least seven dolphins swimming right around our boat one evening, it was quite a sight to see. 

We spent the better part of Sunday out on the boats and while Adam and I stayed back at the hotel so he could nap, the rest of the family headed out to find the perfect spot to spend the day...and did they ever!  Andy came back after Adam's nap to gather us up and he took us to this amazing sandbar that they had found.  It was the perfect spot to "beach" the boats, play in the sand and do some swimming.  Adam was loving it, though I'm sure he was totally confused by the fact that the beach had two sides to it. 

Adam and Wally became quite close over the course of this long weekend and now instead of just asking to go out on the boat he instead says, "Go Wally Boat?"  It's too cute and lucky for Wally we can't resist that sweet little request!

*In fact even in this picture I believe Adam is pointing to Wally. He truly is his father's son! :)

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