Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family time!

So we enjoyed the views, we splashed around on the boats, we gathered seafood, we ate seafood, but the best part of our Chincoteague adventures was the quality time we spent with family.  Lately it seems most of our family time takes place during a brief dinner party, and we of course have fun, but it's not the same as spending three full days hanging out, playing, swimming, talking, and laughing! Boy did we laugh! 


I for one loved the time I got to spend with my nephews.  I loved swimming late at night (and after the pool had closed, such a responsible adult huh?) with Sam and Dave and hearing them tell me about their schools and summer plans and our mutual love for Justin Bieber.  I loved watching Kurt read "Little Toot" to Adam.  I loved talking about football and girls with Drew.  Most of all I loved hearing Adam ask for his cousins by name after we had gotten home. 

It was also great getting to spend time talking with Amy and Bebe about clothes and parenting and laughing at the fact that we had all happened to have brought our scarves from the trip they all took to visit Heidi in Spain. 

Uncle John loved peppering Adam with questions about his girlfriend, whom we found out is this girl from his class named Jackie.  Andy promptly gave Adam a high-five.

Mark loved using his boat from dawn 'til dusk, taking the boys fishing and tubing.  Drew wishes he had fished more, I'm wishing they had caught more! (I kid...kind of) ;)

Ommy and Poppy loved re-living those memories of vacationing at Chincoteague.  I'm certain it brought them a lot of joy knowing the next generation was experiencing such a wonderful place. 

And Andy, well I think Andy just loved that he organized it all. :)

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RipleyVT said...

I'm assuming Andy is singing "The Rainbow Connection" in that second to last pic.....