Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pool Days...

The weather around here has been HOT, HOT, HOT, so to cool off after school/work, Adam and I have been heading to the pool before dinner. 

Adam is LOVING it and again, this kid has no fear when it comes to the water (blessing and curse?) He likes to walk around the baby pool and dump buckets of water on his head. He also likes when I sit in one corner of the pool and he sits in the other. He also doesn't seem to mind when he sits right in the middle of the pool, which by the way is deeper than the edges and thus his head is under water. See what I mean about having no fear?

He also loves getting to spend some time in the big pool. In fact once he gets bored with the baby pool he'll tug on my leg, point to the big pool and say "big pool?" How can I refuse? He is already wanting to jump in but I'm loving being the one there to catch him!

Daddy likes to ride his bike over to join us and is doing an exceptional job at teaching Adam how to splash. Hmmmm, I hear a lot of lifeguard whistles in our future!!

With the promise of a bike ride home in his little trailer, getting Adam to exit the pool and dry off is made quite a bit easier. 

I think we're in for a hot, but cool, summer!

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