Monday, June 6, 2011

Boat ride to Tim's...

This was a big boat weekend for us, we went out for a little swim on Saturday and then went out again yesterday for a longer boat ride out to Tim's Rivershore Cafe. 

Tim's is a great place to indulge in all things shell fish.  Best part is the cooking and clean up are taken care of for you!  And, with the clouds and cooler temps we were able to sit at one of their outdoor tables looking right out onto the water and in a perfect spot to keep an eye on Wally-bonus!

We didn't waste any time giving our waitress our order....peel and eat shrimp, oysters on the half, a half dozen crabs, and some hush puppies.  It was literally, finger lickin' good!

This was also Adam's first experience eating fresh crab meat (he'd had it in crab cake form) and while he was a little temid at first, he quickly realized how sweet and tasty the crab meat was!

After lunch, Adam was able to play in the sand a bit before we headed back onto the water where we promptly all jumped in---a great way to clean off all that shell fish goodness! 

The boat ride home gave Adam the perfect opportunity to sleep off all that crab! Ha!

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