Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chincoteague Island

We spent this past weekend (a long one too, we took Friday and Monday off of work) vacationing on Chincoteague Island.  Andy and his family spent lots of time there when he was growing up, so we figured we better introduce Adam (and me, I'd never been!) to the island. 

Andy took his folks there two years ago (remember this) and they loved the hotel he found so it seemed fitting that we should head back to that same spot, AND, since we planned pretty far in advance we made sure to send invitations along to the rest of the family AND we lucked out with almost the whole family being able to come along! (We missed you Heidi & Co.)

We had such an awesome time and I am now one of Chincoteague's biggest fans!  It is this adorable (yes, that is the fitting word for it) beach town that you'd expect to see in a movie.  There are these gorgeous Victorian homes (a lot of which have been turned into B&B's) and American flags hanging from all of the lamp posts.  There are fun restaurants (we ate at Don's Seafood and Adam kept asking for "Don" and "Mae Mae" ha!) boutiques, and views of the water pretty much everywhere you turned. 
This picture is for Erica--I couldn't get over these flowers!

We spent Saturday morning driving around the National Park at Assateague Island and couldn't get over the views.  The beach was quiet aside from a few early morning fishermen and the wildlife was just waking up. 

In the evenings we were spoiled with amazing sunsets as our hotel overlooked the bay.  I couldn't get over the cotton candy sky the sunset left behind. 

Add to the setting the fact that we had so much of the family together spending really good quality time with one another and you can definitely put this past weekend in the books as memorable, fun, and worth repeating next year!
(stay tuned for more!)

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