Thursday, June 30, 2011

Living off the sea...

Chincoteague is a seafood lovers paradise!  Aside from some side dishes and a few grilled meats we basically lived off seafood that we caught with our own two (or rather 26) hands. 

It was of course a team effort.  Adam and I cheered on the family as they hunted oysters and mussels.  After about a 30 minute hunt we had more oysters than we could eat (literally, we threw some back) and enough mussels too cook up in yummy olive oil, butter and garlic for our pasta dinner.  So fresh, so amazingly delicious, so FREE! ;)

We also appear to have quite the crab fishermen/women in the family.  Ommy was the captain, cheering on the crew and providing direction when necessary.  Drew was the ring leader, keeping an eye on those chicken necks and strings for at least six hours.  Andy mostly just scared the crabs away, oops.  I did my part by helping to pick the 2+ dozen crabs that were collected throughout the day (which made for a fun night of wine drinking and conversation).  Amy made the fantastic crab cakes.  I fresh, so amazingly delicious, so FREE! ;)

What a tasty little island!

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