Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Parent/Teacher conference...

On Friday we attended our fourth parent/teacher conference at Adam's school.  While it seemed a little silly when we went to our first one when Adam was at the ripe old age of 3 months, I definitely can appreciate them wanting to share with us the growth and development they see in our little guy on a daily basis.  Mostly it's just nice to really get a feel for what goes on at school everyday, and it's a great reminder that we've got an amazing son!

Here are some highlights from Ms. Nessie's report:
  • Adam walks around the classroom and points to his classmates and says their names, "C. C." for Cecilia, "G.G." for Gianna, and "Jackie" for Jacqueline.
  • Adam saw G.G. leaning over crying so he walks over to her, bends down putting his hand on her back and mumbles something to her. When Ms. Nessie asks if he's giving comfort to Gianna, Adam looks up, nods and smiles.
  • During clean up time, Adam is putting the toys away and one of the children was standing on a toy, Adam says "excuse me" then shouts out "move!" (hey, he's cleaning and is assertive, I'm ok with that!) ;)
  • Adam points to the clock on the wall and says "tick tock"
  • While singing "This Old Man" when they got to #3, Adam shout out the number 3 and holds up 3 fingers
  • He likes to play with trains and animals and makes the sounds for all of them. He also likes to build with legos or toys that he can put together.
  • As he sees Jackie leaving with her mom, Adam runs up, gives her a hug and tells her "bye bye"
Most importantly, Adam seems to love going to school and is always playing and having fun when Daddy goes to pick him up.  His teachers love him, he's got friends, and knowing all of that while I'm at work makes being a working Mom just a little easier... 

A little...

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