Monday, June 20, 2011

US Open

On Saturday, after watching most of the golf coverage on both Thursday and Friday, we got to go see the live version at Congressional Country Club. I had tickets because I was supposed to be volunteering, but then my committee got disbanded, so I kept the clothes (see below) and took the kind of worked out. :)

We were able to snag two more tickets from a colleague of my dad's (for free) and a parking pass (for free) so Andy and I invited our brother-in-law, John, along and spent the day watching (ok, maybe I was stalking) our favorite players. 

Since we wanted to get out there early, we didn't get to see some of the final round guys on the actual course, but we were sure to catch a glimpse of Rory on the putting green.

The practice range and putting green were actually great spots to watch these guys.  It is amazing to see how effortless they make it look (though I know from experience it's not!) 

We did follow Dustin Johnson around the course a bit and also spent some time in the stands behind the 10th green.  I kind of liked that part the best as you could watch them play the entire hole.   Not quite as awesome as it would be to sit behind the green on 17 at TPC Sawgrass, but 10 at Congressional is still an impressive (and daunting) hole.

Just to name a few of the notables we saw (mostly so I can remember down the road)...

Somehow in all the excitement we missed scoping out McDowell and Kaymer, which I was bummed about, but, there's always next 15 or so years when the championship comes back to DC...maybe Adam will be playing in it as an amateur...yeah, that sounds good. :)

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