Sunday, January 31, 2016


There is just something about us having an infant that brings about blizzards. Back in 2010 we had a huge one when Adam was just a baby and sure enough, we just came out of an even bigger one with baby Harper in attendance. Last weekend we got about 30 inches of snow at our house, others nearby saw over 3 feet (I'm looking at you Grandma, Grandpa, Ommy & Poppy!) 

Luckily the weathermen nailed this one on the head so we had plenty of warning and lots of time to prepare. Part of our preparations was gathering up Mark & Kathleen and bringing them over to ride out the storm with us. Our fridge and pantry was full, snow shovels & sleds out and ready, electronics charged, flashlights prepped, and of course the wine and beer was on ice. 

The snow started Friday afternoon and didn't stop until late Saturday evening. I took a few pictures throughout the storm from my office window just to compare - it really was a winter wonderland! 

Happily we never lost electricity, which was even more joyous as it meant we were able to make good use of our new electric snow shovel. With four adults in the house we were able to take turns shoveling throughout the storm which made for easier work of it. 

Indoors there was game playing, brick building, coloring (for adults - a new obsession), naps and of course - a naked snow angel for Adam - he was brave and then he was freezing, ha! 

Adam was in heaven and surprisingly so were the dogs. Somehow we managed to keep track of all of them in the deep snow! 

Once the storm stopped and the sun came out we were able to really enjoy the beauty of it all. Our neighborhood does a great job of clearing the walking paths, sometimes even before the roads are cleared, so we all took the opportunity to stretch our legs on a family walk. It was also Harper's first time checking out that white stuff - he found the storm tiring so mostly he just slept through it, ha. 

An epic storm which led to a week of no school - thank goodness for neighborhood friends who spent time playing with Adam. 

We survived though I'm told there could be another big storm coming soon - guess we better gear up for round two! 

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