Monday, January 4, 2016

Harper hits 3 months...

As if Andy didn't share his day with enough other activities, his birthday also happened to fall on Harper's 3 month birthday! (That's ok, I share every birthday now with our other son, ha) :)

What can I say about our awesome guy Harper!? He is just doing so great! At the 3 month mark he was weighing in close to 8 pounds. His reflux is still an issue, but one we'd been learning to deal with. Mostly it just meant lots of sleeping with Harper in our arms - which neither one of us has really minded to be honest. In fact I think both Andy and I have sometimes secretly looked forward to being in charge of him at night so we could get those extra snuggles in. 

His "happy awake" times have lengthened, which has allowed for some tummy time and some time playing on his play mat. Adam really gets a kick out of that and likes laying down with him and helping him grab hold of his toys.

Speaking of big brothers, can I just say that Adam is doing an amazing job at filling that role! He loves giving Harper kisses, reading to him to help calm him down, and he's even fed him a few times - be still my heart! 

Hard to imagine life three months ago before this guy came into our lives. 

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