Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas Camping!

The mild December we had was also a good excuse to get into the woods for some bonus camping before year's end. We also used it as an excuse to move our annual Christmas gathering with Kristine, Kathleen, Reid & Ava to a campfire celebration instead.

With temps nearing 70 that weekend we were able to really enjoy the outdoors - Harper too! Adam was so excited to have his friends coming to the camper that he spent the morning before their arrival setting up a "basement" at the empty campsite next to us. He set up chairs, games and activities and even cleared a path in the leaves between our two sites. Quite the host!

The fun started in the afternoon and lasted all the way into the night. The campfire was enjoyed by all and of course there were marshmallows to roast and 'smores to devour.

The kids had so much fun playing flashlight tag once the sun went down and the even did some fort building in the camper and put on some performances for Harper as well. It was pretty cute hearing them make up songs..."Baby Harper, you're the cutest baby there ever was. We love you Baby Harper.."

The adults, including the last minute addition of friend and colleague Ellen, had fun catching up - it was the first time we'd all been together since our trip to St. John in April.

And the dogs wore themselves out chasing after one another in the woods - what a fun bunch!

It's not every year we'll get to do some Christmas camping, so we were glad to have taken advantage of it this year and even better to have done it with such great friends! It was also nice that Al tagged along - Adam got quite a kick out of that.

Bonus - since we were at Bull Run we were able to go have breakfast with Uncle John, Auntie Amy, and Drew, Nick & Sam. Drew and Nick were home from college for the holidays. It was the first time they got to meet their new cousin. A fun morning for sure!

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