Monday, October 29, 2012

Tailgating on the fairway...

I love that we get to park our camper on what used to be the #1 hole of VT's golf course.  I've mentioned it before that Andy and I had some of our very first dates on that golf course, so the fact that we now get to camp there and still hit some golf balls makes it the much more special when we visit.

We had a great set up and because we were there so early we were able to get the last spot giving us that much more room to spread out and more importantly, more room for Adam and Liddy to run around.



We enjoyed great fires in the evening and even made some friends.  Adam is still talking about his new girlfriend, Kayla.  They live not too far away so we are looking forward to getting together for play dates soon. 

Since it was Homecoming weekend they had lots of events planned including a parade and an alumni tailgate at the new (well, ok 6 year old) alumni center and hotel.  Adam loved the parade and while he got lots of waves and smiles from the sorority girls, Liddy seemed to solicit the most "oooohhs" and "aaaaahhhs."  She did look adorable with her VT scarf.

The alumni tailgate was a highlight as well, of course anytime there is free food, free beer, free VT swag and live music  you really can't go wrong.  Bonus was that the alumni tailgate took place about 100 yards from our campsite, so we promptly moved from one tailgate to the next. 

We didn't go too crazy with ours, just a few appetizers, a few frosty beverages and lots of football tossing and of course, golf ball hitting. 

I think Adam and Liddy's first Hokie tailgate was a success!

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