Saturday, October 27, 2012

Adam & Liddy, meet Virginia Tech

The leaves had started to change, the sun was shining, and yet fall temperatures were in the air.  It was Blacksburg at its finest.  We got to campus just a little earlier than the parking lot was going to open, so while Andy started to prep the camper, I took Adam and Liddy for their first official walk around the duck pond.

After the morning car ride it was the perfect excuse to stretch our legs and to give Adam and Liddy their first glimpse of the beautiful campus. 

Once we were able to set up camp, we made quick work of it (Adam has gotten to the point where he is actually quite useful for the set up, gotta earn his keep right?!) and were quickly off for a walk across campus to grab lunch at our favorite spot, Sharkeys.

We ate outside and it was obviously clear to our waitress that we were long time fans of the establishment (the multiple pictures we took and reminiscing about the happy hour specials, strong islands, and fried zucchini, likely gave us away!) and so before we knew it the manager was greeting us with souvenir glasses and beer cozies in honor of their recently celebrated 20th anniversary.  We felt equal parts special and old. Ha!

After lunch we were happy to have the long walk back across campus to work off the sweet potato fries we devoured, and were even happier to snap our first photos of Adam on the drill field. I never take for granted the beauty of our campus and while I might be biased, I think Adam fits in perfectly!



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