Friday, October 5, 2012

Aspen Dale Winery...

After apple picking we decided to move on to another fruit...grapes!  We stumbled upon an adorable winery that we hadn't been to before, nor had we heard of it.  Aspen Dale Winery is probably one of the best winery experiences we've had to date, the perfect combination of excellent wine, beautiful scenery, and lots of charm.


Located in a Civil War era barn this vineyard takes its wine very seriously, but in a warm and welcoming way. They believe in offering food pairings with their tastings so that you can really get a feel for the depth of all of their wines.  A sip of their Rockawalkin' Cabernet paired with a pheasant sausage seemed the more typical pairing and yet they then offered up a piece of chocolate with a smear of goat cheese.  Now you find yourself feeling as though you just ate a chocolate covered cherry. 

After going through the tastings we decided to enjoy some wine and a picnic in their garden area overlooking their farm.  Adam loved running around and even fed one of the miniature horses some grass. 

A lovely afternoon picnic on a gorgeous fall afternoon. 

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