Tuesday, October 30, 2012

VT v. Duke

We hadn't planned on going to the game, I know that sounds strange, but a noon game with a toddler that naps around that time just didn't seem like a good combination, however the excitement of being in Blacksburg got to us so we decided to take a chance. 

We made the long trek to Lane Stadium and even if we hadn't remembered the way, you just had to listen and follow the noise!  Game Day in Blacksburg is truly electrifying, there is no doubt about it.  Even a noon game against a so-so team (yes, I recognize that for the first time in over a decade we might fall into that same category, but shush) had the town still decked in orange and maroon!


Once we learned there was a place to park our stroller we started our mission to find tickets.  It's a bit of a long and crazy story, but let's just say in the end, we wound up getting into the stadium for free and we may or may not have gotten someone arrested for selling fake tickets.  Never a dull moment!

Due to the aforementioned drama, we didn't really have specified seats, which was a-ok with us.  Adam was so excited just to be in the stadium and to see the football team and the marching bands.  It was a great moment for sure. 

I might add that prior to our arrival the Hokies were down by quite a bit (I blocked the actual number from my memory) but after Adam started cheering, they didn't let another Duke point to be scored and racked up a lot of touchdowns!  Go Adam and of course, go Hokies!!!!!!!!!

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