Friday, August 12, 2016

On the road again...

After an awesomely magical time at Disney it was time to pack up and hit the road again. We hadn't really planned out our drive home so it left us with some flexibility. Andy had the fun thought of hitting a beach so after some advice from cousin Sean we decided to take a short drive north to St. Augustine. This drive only got us about 2.5 hours closer to Virginia but on the flip side it got us to a beach - and thus we got to introduce Harper to the ocean for the first time. We had a great time swimming at the pool and then had fun dining out at beach bars and dipping all of our toes in the Atlantic as the sun was setting. A perfect start to our journey. 

Next up we headed back to Savannah - though not without some drama. On this trip we blew a different tire thus leading to a roadside tire change - which I helped to do thanks to my pit crew training I went through back in 2007 - and then a two hour delay at a local Good Year shop to get all new tires for the camper - turns out all of the tires were splitting and we likely would have had a few more blown tires on our drive home. Ah the joys of travel. Luckily we had the beautiful Savannah KOA to relax at after the extra long trip. 

From there we journeyed back to the Raleigh Oaks campground in North Carolina. This time we got there in a more reasonable amount of time and were able to enjoy the pool there. We also found a great BBQ joint and Adam had the biggest ice cream cone of his life - he was a hot mess afterwards. We also got to experience an awesome fireworks display - perhaps it was a nearby city practicing for the 4th - regardless it was beautiful and helped with our "Disney is over" sadness. 

Finally it was back to Virginia and best of all - back home. We logged close to 2,000 miles over 200 gallons of gas, 1 new axle, 4 new tires and found all but 3 states on the license plate game. It was an epic journey and no doubt we'll probably fly the next time, but it's certainly a trip we'll all remember - well, except for Harper but we'll be sure to let him read all about it one day. 

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