Monday, August 15, 2016

A Patriotic 10 Month Celebration for Harper...

Harper hit the big 10 month mark on July 5th. He had another great month making lots and lots of progress including finally doing some crawling. He actually put that together during our big Disney trip and while he was still doing the military style crawl boy could he get where he wanted to go - and fast! It was fun to finally see him move towards you - all smiles and ready to climb into your lap. The best! 

He continued to be a solid eater and sleeper - eating everything he's been given, including feeding himself Cheerios, bananas and cheese and sleeping nearly 12 hours every night. Go Harper! 

With all the pool time he got during our big Disney adventure we could tell that he loves the water. He just splashes around and when you've got him in the big pool you can see those legs just kick kick kicking under water. A happy water baby!

Playing with him is such a joy and Adam loves his Harper play time as well. Rolling balls back and forth is still a favorite and he loves his music table and this Elmo book he has that plays sounds - he lights up when he hears Elmo's voice - who doesn't? 

To celebrate the 10 month mark we built on the excitement of celebrating Independence Day and did a flag cake. He looked ready to dive in! 

Happy 10 months Harper!! 

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