Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hollywood Studios...

I remember when I first went to Disney and the highlight at Hollywood Studios was the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" attraction - Mark & Kathleen even got to star in a live production where as I recall, Mark was hanging from the bumble bee and Kathleen was trying to hold on to him - boy if only we had iPhones back then! Of course the times have changed and now the highlight is of course - "Star Wars." Needless to say, this was what Adam was most excited about - and frankly I too couldn't wait for him to get his geek on about anything and everything "Star Wars." 

The day began with us waiting in line to sign up for Jedi Training (that deserves its own post so stay tuned) and then it was off to try the newest "Star Wars" ride - "Star Tours." It was pretty awesome and assuming you didn't get motion sick it left you feeling like you had just flown to a galaxy far far away with C3PO at the controls - or it left you feeling like you wanted to be sick - or perhaps a little bit of both. Ha! Regardless of how I felt - Adam was in total awe of the whole thing. Even the walkway to get to the ride was filled with characters from the movies. Afterwards we had the kids pose for a photo - it was pretty much hilarious seeing Adam as a young Obi Won. 

After that it was time to go meet some characters. First up was Kilo Ren who scared the you know what out of me when I walked around the corner and he was just lurking there - yikes! The kids were even keeping their distance until Reid braved up and got up close and personal. 

Our next character was far more friendly - Chewbacca!! He was huge and friendly and we all got a kick out of giving him hugs. Much more my speed! 

Adam was excited to have also met some Jawas (Adam had to just spell that for me) in the hallway. 

After that we headed to the Hollywood Tower of Terror which Reid and Ava decided they did not want to ride again (having been fully terrified after their visit two years ago) but Adam was way too excited to let their fear deter him - oh how I wish he had. After an hour+ wait (we were missing our Tara Tour Guide) we finally got to ride it and let me tell you, my stomach is still stuck to the ceiling of that elevator. Even Adam, who seems fearless about rides looked at me halfway through and asked to get off. Ha! Of course an hour later he was begging to ride it again - ummm...no. 

We had time for one more ride after that before our Jedi Training time slot so we hit up the "Toy Story" ride which was pretty much the best - and the perfect antidote to the pit in my stomach that the Tower of Terror had left me with. You walk into that ride and they've got it designed to feel like you are a toy just like Buzz & Woody. Everything is super sized. Then the ride itself is an interactive game where you are shooting down balloons, throwing pies, etc and earning points along the way. Super fun and totally Disney. 

Of course for as much fun as we'd already had the best was yet to come...on to Jedi Training young Padawan. 

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