Friday, August 5, 2016

Jedi Training...

I'm not sure who was more excited about the Jedi Training - Adam or me - well, ok probably Adam but I was super excited as well. It was great that he had Reid to do it with him too. All the little padawans got robed up (which FYI it was as hot as could be but that didn't seem to phase them at all) and then it was off to training. 

The whole experience was amazing. Everything from the "Star Wars" theme music blasting as the training began to the awesome light saber training on stage to the epic battles with the dark forces it was Disney to the nth degree! 

Watching the faces of those kids when Darth Vader arrived and hearing his theme music playing was almost too much - all I could think was "wow, my brother is going to be soooo jealous, haha!" 

Adam did awesome fighting Darth Vader and while he may have complained a little that it was such a short fight I quickly reminded him that - hello - you just battled Darth Vader!! He smiled.

Amazing job Disney - this was a day to remember for sure! 

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