Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Old School Pool Party...

I had some of the best friends growing up and an awesome group of friends to survive high school with. Sadly I haven't kept in touch with them all as the years have passed but every now and again we find an excuse to get back together - this time it was for a pool party. 

We had lots of pool parties in high school, mostly because our friend Ashley had a pool in her backyard and her folks were always so gracious to have us over - luckily her folks still own the house and still have the pool and were still gracious enough to have us over. 

While the location hadn't changed - the atmosphere sure did. Sodas were replaced with wine and beer and the numbers increased - mainly due to the enormous amount of offspring we have all produced over the years. :) 

It was so fun catching up with everyone and best of all seeing the next generation hang out and share laughs in the pool that we all grew up laughing in. 

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