Friday, July 22, 2016

Magic Kingdom...

I can still remember my first visit to Magic Kingdom back when I was in 2nd grade and there really is nothing like it. I was so excited to show Adam this magical place and to relive that childhood memory through him. Neither one of us was disappointed! 

We were up bright and early to catch the boat from our resort to the park. We were able to get in an hour early as resort guests and we planned to take full advantage of that. Not long after our boat got moving Space Mountain & then Cinderella's Castle came into site and Adam and I knew this was going to be a day to remember. 

We had some company too - turns our Kristine, Kathleen, Reid & Ava were at Disney the exact same time as us so we hooked up with them and it made the day all the better. Those kiddos get along so well and it was fun to have Kristine & Kathleen to chat with throughout the day. We even had a surprise visitor during our photo shoot in front of the castle. :) 

We also took advantage of the greatest Disney tip of all time - getting a tour guide!!! Tara Tour Guide (as we called her) was the perfect addition to our group getting us from one ride to the next in the perfect order and without the lines. Want to ride something again? No problem, Tara Tour Guide's got you covered! We were spoiled rotten and we loved every second of it. 

Some lessons were learned along the way - first is that Reid, Ava & Adam are pretty terrible drivers and yet they still earned their Mickey Licenses - yikes. Second, Space Mountain is still awesome. Third - at least according to Adam, the Haunted Mansion is sooooo not scary. Fourth - according to all of us, "It's a Small World" is soooooo lame, but you have to ride it. And finally - that you are never too old or too young to appreciate the magic of Magic Kingdom - except for when you hear "Let it Go" and your mom tries to dance with you - then you quickly learn that your mom is soooooo embarrassing!! ;)

As we were leaving the park we did some shopping and actually made some purchases this time. Adam couldn't resist the R2D2 Mickey Ears and we both thought Harper would love the Mickey Mouse lovie - and of course he did! 

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