Friday, July 1, 2016

Baseball Wrap-Up...

Despite what seemed to be a non-stop flood of rain, muddy fields, and thus canceled games and practices, the baseball season did turn out to be a fun one for Adam - and thanks to his awesome coach - he really learned a lot and grew as a ball player. His hitting was on point - hitting off the pitch almost every time and as the icing on the cake his last hit of the season went flying into the outfield - boom! 

He found his fielding strength at pitcher and first base - I think he likes the positions where he's in the mix each play - can't say I blame him. He was responsible for a couple throwing outs which was always the coach's number one goal. 

The kids also had fun before and after the games playing tag, eating pizza, and using energy that sometime's seemed to be dwindling during the games or practice and yet surprisingly came back to them in time for post-game/practice freeze tag! Ha! 

To top off the season the coach surprised the kids with a silly string fight - a fun way to say so long to baseball - at least until the fall! 

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