Friday, July 15, 2016

Harper - 9 months!

Another month - another cake - another update! Harper did lots of fun new things between months 8 & 9. For one - he grew!! Boy did he grow! He weighed in at 19.7 pounds at his check-up putting him in the 50th percentile for 9 month olds - not preemie 9 month olds - but actual 9 month olds - wow! Adam was never that high on the growth chart. The doctor's first comment upon entering the room - "What are you eating?!" Well - a lot I guess. :) Needless to say, it was a great check-up with everything looking great and a nice vertical line on the growth chart to boot! 

In other health news, Harper also had his follow-up hearing test which he passed with flying colors - and in fact was even doing things past what they expect of 9 month olds - this kid is on a roll! 

During this month of development he also found himself sitting up without support which has added a nice new element to our play-time routine. We are now doing lots of ball rolling back and forth with each other and just watching him explore his toys from this new perspective. It's fun and boy is he a happy happy baby. 

On the mobility front he was still working on getting those arms up and under him and the knees up and under - in the meantime, the rolling continued to be his preferred mode of transportation. 

With our Disney World trip just a couple weeks out from his 9 month birthday it seemed fitting to mark the occasion with a Mickey Mouse cake - and of course with some photos. 

Here's a side by side of Adam & Harper celebrating the big 9 month mark - note they are wearing the exact same shirt - go Harper go! 

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