Friday, July 22, 2016

Disney Springs...

We had decided that on our first night at Disney, which also happened to be Father's Day, that we would hit up what used to be called Downtown Disney but is now referred to as Disney Springs. It's a great place to walk around, they have a Lego store and other fun toy stores, tons of restaurants and as I recalled they played Disney soundtracks on the speakers so it seemed like it would be the perfect spot to really get us into the Disney spirit! 

Adam was beside himself seeing the big Lego structures of Toy Story characters as well as the big dragon in the lake. He was loving all the Lego goodness - as was Andy. After that we popped into a few toy stores and boy did that put Adam over the edge! Ha! I don't think he'd ever seen so many things he'd like to buy in such a small space in his life - it was kind of fun to watch though I could already feel my wallet shivering in my purse out of fear! haha :) We used that first night as an opportunity for Adam to start seeing the kinds of things he thought he might like to eventually buy - and held off on any purchases. Somehow that trick worked. 

After strolling around and grabbing a couple portable glasses of wine (gotta love places where they let you walk around with a cocktail) we decided to look into our dinner options, which we quickly realized was going to be a looooooooooooong wait at any of the spots (duh!) so we changed course and headed back to the campground for a home cooked meal around the campfire - a perfect Father's Day dinner for our guy anyhow! 

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