Monday, July 25, 2016

Boat Ride on Seven Seas Lagoon...

We opted for a "park free" day during our Disney trip - read, we opted to save a bundle and enjoy the resort amenities instead. We knew the pool would be on the to-do list but we also wanted to do something fun for Andy - so of course renting a boat was added to the list. 

We packed up a picnic lunch, lathered up the sunscreen and set off on a fun boat ride around the Seven Seas Lagoon. Harper was a trooper in his life vest - which frankly didn't look all that comfortable but he fell asleep almost immediately so he wasn't complaining. While he snoozed the rest of us took in the fun sights - Andy enjoyed getting to see Magic Kingdom from the water and Adam loved seeing the other boats and resorts. 

It was a fun little excursion and I know Captain Andy enjoyed being back on the water. 

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