Saturday, September 12, 2015

Welcome Andrew Harper...

On Saturday, September 5 at 12:42 am we welcomed sweet baby Andrew Harper (we'll call him Harper) into this world. He came out crying (a most welcomed sound) and weighed in at 2 pounds 15 ounces and was 17 inches long. He scored an 8.9 on his APGAR test (out of 10 - not bad!) and from what I heard from Amy and the NICU team all his other stats were so awesome for a 29 week baby (wasn't it nice of him to at last wait until he was officially 29 weeks to arrive?) 

They let me hold him for about a minute before they had to take him down to the NICU. He was all bundled up and already had his CPAP mask on to help him breathe, but it was still the greatest feeling and I lived off that minute until I was able to visit him the next day. 

Andy was amazing - helping me through the delivery and then being whisked off to help bring Harper downstairs to the NICU. A proud dad for sure who got to cut the chord and hold him as well for a quick but meaningful moment. 

And Amy...well, Amy being there was everything. She was a huge source of comfort answering our NICU questions, reassuring us about how well 29 week babies do, and introducing Andy to some of the wonderful nurses that would be taking care of our son. She even held my hand as I started to deliver sweet Harper before Andy took over so she could prep for her new job as photographer (of course she had strict orders to only take photos of the baby once he was out!) ;) 

Welcome to the world (and the September birthday club) sweet baby Harper, we are already so in love and can't wait to watch you grow and get stronger so you can come home to us. 

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