Monday, September 21, 2015

Adam is off to First Grade!

First grade - wow! Somehow sending Adam off to 1st grade seemed a bit scarier than his first day of Kindergarten - maybe because I know he'll be asked to be more independent - in charge of finding his own way on and off the bus once he gets to school, sitting in the lunch room without his teacher keeping an eye on the class, only one teacher in the classroom instead of two, etc. etc. The good news is Adam was so excited about starting school - no kicking and screaming going on in this household. 

When we got his letter telling us who is teacher would be I was confused at first because it said Mrs. Jaeschke, who was his Kindergarten teacher. After calling the school to see if there had been a mistake I happily learned that she was moving up to teach the first grade (which is what she originally taught when she first came to Aldrin). I was so excited and called Adam immediately to tell him (he was enjoying the last few days of "Camp Grandma & Grandpa!") He was thrilled and ran around the house sharing the good news with both Grandma and Grandpa with such glee - honestly that's the best word to describe it. She really was a fabulous teacher and the fact that she already knows Adam and his learning style, abilities, personality, etc. was a comfort - especially with everything going on in our lives at the moment. 

So when the first day of school rolled around we snapped the traditional front porch photos, headed to the bus stop and sent him off to start this next adventure knowing he was in great hands. Though of course I anxiously awaited his return all day so I could find out how he liked the first grade - happily his first words after running off the bus were "Mommy, I wish that all weekends could be canceled - first grade is just too fun!" Now that's what I call a successful first day! :) 

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