Friday, September 25, 2015

A wealth of good wishes...

I'm still pretty overwhelmed with the sheer amount of support, well wishes, good thoughts, prayers, and goodies we've received since Harper was born. There's been a pretty steady stream of flowers, balloons, gifts and treats arriving at our house. Not to mention the huge amount of friends, family, and colleagues (old and new) checking in on his progress and cheering him on through Facebook, Instagram, emails and yes, even some cards in the actual mailbox. :) 

Neighbors, friends and family have been bringing meals which has been super helpful especially with the start of school, t-ball practice and of course hospital visits. Very nice being able to not have to worry about what to make for dinner - and I have to say, we've had some pretty great meals - and Adam is even branching out and trying new things as a result. 

It's a great feeling knowing so many people are routing for our little guy and we can't wait to get him home so we can start introducing him to you all - of course that is if you've had your flu shot. ;) 

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