Thursday, September 24, 2015

Batter up!

Adam is playing his first season of baseball this fall and we couldn't be more excited. He is starting with t-ball and his team is the Mudhens. They are the most adorable group of 6 year olds and only two weeks in seem to already be improving their skills and making friends and great teammates with one another. 

His coach has been great working with the team on fundamentals - when the kids first ran the bases most ran in the right direction and most skipped actually touching the bases - so yeah, learning the fundamentals is key. 

Their first game was rained out which was probably a good thing as it meant they got in two practices before their first game. It also meant their first game was their "Under the Lights" game (each team gets one of those a season - fun for the little guys). They had pictures first which was adorable. Most of the kids are swimming in their uniforms, it's too cute. Then it was on to the game. They play four innings and each kid gets to bat and they don't count outs. It's really just all about learning the sport and having fun. The "Under the Lights" game meant they also had an announcer. It was pretty cool hearing Adam's name called out during the starting line-up and then hearing it called each time he came up to the plate. Quite an experience for both players and parents! 

Adam did so great in his first game. He played first base, right field, pitcher and left field. He hustled after every ball and everyone raved about what an arm he has - though we need to work on teaching him to change the speed/strength of his throws based on how far away the person he is throwing to is - yikes! And his batting - well, he's a slugger that's for sure! 

Can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings and I know we'll have a lot of fun cheering on the Mudhens in the process. 

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