Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our new toy...

Adam got lots of fun toys for Christmas (as per the last four or so posts) but Andy and I also got a fun toy for Christmas, a new coffee maker!

When we were at Greg and Erica's a few weekends ago, they were showing off their gift to one another, the new Cuisinart Brew Station. We got to enjoy a fresh brewed coffee from it and realized that not only did it make really good coffee, but the convenience of being able to make one quick cup of coffee in the morning without throwing out half a pot of joe was intriguing!

I had mentioned that we were impressed with this coffee maker to my mom and sure enough it was waiting for us under their tree on Christmas day!

We've already enjoyed some hot chocolate, coffee, and even some tea and while neither one of us is looking forward to waking up and heading off to work tomorrow, at least we'll each be able to enjoy a guilt free cup of coffee to start off the day!

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