Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy birthday Ryan!

Saturday was Adam's friend Ryan's first birthday! Adam was so happy to be invited to his birthday party and asked if we could head to Richmond on Saturday to attend! We were happy to oblige, besides, it was a great excuse for us to see our friends Aimee and Chris (a.k.a. Ryan's parents!)

Adam and Ryan had fun playing together and Ryan even gave Adam some hugs and kisses--it was very cute--though I'm sure in 18 years Ryan will be embarrassed to hear about it! ha

Chris and Aimee made some awesome food, for which we'll need the recipes, and everything was topped off with a huge birthday cake! Ryan was a little timid with all the sugary goodness, but something tells me it won't be long before he learns to appreciate cake and icing (if he's anything like his mom! Kidding Aimee...but you know I'm really not!) ;)

Ryan got TONS of great gifts to help commemorate this milestone occasion and we look forward to heading back down soon for another visit so Adam can help him break in all his new toys!

Happy birthday Ryan!

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