Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adam's new play area...

I always hate having to take down my Christmas decorations. The house goes from being sparkly and festive and even though for 11 months out of the year my house is without all that decor, it still seems so bland and boring the minute I take everything down. So, to battle the "post holiday decor blues" I usually end up doing some rearranging of furniture to help give the house a fresh look.

This year we rearranged our living room furniture but more importantly we reorganized the basement to make more room for all of Adam's new toys! We don't spend a ton of time in the basement with Adam because let's face it, we're pretty much always in the kitchen, but we're hoping that with more of a "play room" feel we'll find ourselves down there more often.

The center piece of the room is the awesome toy chest that Auntie Amy made for Adam. He's big enough now that he can get into it on his own and he entertained himself for a good 15 minutes on Sunday just taking all of the toys out. We actually had some success with getting him to put most of the toys back in when we were finished....some success...come on folks, he's only 16 months old! ;)

We also found a great wall hanging from Home Goods. Andy was feeling a little stressed about all the bright colored plastic toys that were now being displayed more prominently in our basement, so the wall hanging helps to make the space a little more polished, while still being child friendly. Great success!

I still want to add a collage of framed pictures on the other wall. Here's hoping it doesn't take until next year's "post holiday decor blues" to get that done!

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