Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas morning...

I think I'll always remember walking in to Adam's room on Christmas morning and watching him point to his tree and saying "pretty!" He has been in awe of all of the twinkling lights and ornaments and dancing to Christmas music, he's been our adorable little Christmas elf all season and we couldn't wait to see him enjoy the fun of Christmas morning!

He wasn't too thrilled with the traditional photo on the stairs, but we gave it our best shot! Then it was pancakes for Adam (his favorite!)

Ommy and Poppy stayed the night and it was fun being able to include them in our morning. They had fun opening up their stockings and laughed at some of the silly things that were in there.

Adam was definitely overwhelmed with everything, but it was fun to see him light up when he unwrapped a new toy. He was so curious about everything and by 9:30 he was fast asleep!!

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