Monday, September 27, 2010


Last weekend, Andy and I worked as "splashers" for Wintergreen Winery at the Virginia Wine Festival. They call you "splashers" because that's all you are supposed to pour in the tasting glasses--a splash.

Andy was skeptical at first, but he ended up having a good time hanging out with the owner of the winery, Jeff, and hearing all the gossip about the different wineries. He was also a very good wine opener and packaged up everyone's orders.

Meanwhile, I spent my day pouring wine and going over the tasting notes for probably over 300+ guests. It was a little hard at first, especially since we didn't get to taste the wine ahead of time, but I've had enough Wintergreen wine in the past that I was able to wing it and really got into a groove.

It was a little odd being at a wine festival and not actually enjoying any wine, but it was fun to see the behind the scenes of the festival and in the end, Andy and I each got paid $80 in wine from the winery, so in the end, we got our wine! :)

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