Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy birthday Adam!

Well folks, we made it! Our little family survived the first year and while there were lots of sleepless nights, about a gazillion trillion diapers, tears, giggles, some acid reflux, a few fevers, seven teeth, some swimming, some boating, some swinging, a little walking, a lot of crawling, a few dips in the ocean, a few mouthfuls of sand, a visit with Santa, a lot of Hokie victories, a few Hokie losses, an Easter basket, a baptism, lots of family, and more kisses than you can count, though still never enough, I'd say this past year was nothing short of perfection.

To celebrate, we had a small party on Friday night (knowing the big party would take place on Saturday) with a few gifts and of course, some cake.

Adam did a pretty great job of opening his gifts. He wasn't quite sure what to do but in the end he found his way through the ribbon and paper to get to the "goods." We didn't want to spoil him too much (yeah right!) so we limited ourselves to a book, a little truck, and the push popper toy that probably everyone had growing up. I might have also bought him a bunch of clothes, but that doesn't count! :)

He also did pretty well with his cake--he LOVED the icing and only put some of it in his hair.

I'd say it was the perfect birthday, and I should know, as it was my birthday too, and I can't imagine a better way to have spent it! :)

Happy birthday Adam!!!

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