Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My birthday...

I suppose I would be remiss if I didn't write about the great birthday that I had on Friday (in addition to celebrating Adam's of course!)

It actually started on Thursday when my co-workers surprised me with a decorated office, a spa gift card and Starbuck's gift card and a yummy cake! It was so thoughtful and made for a fun day at work.

Andy and I took Friday off and Adam even slept in until 7:15, which made for a great start to the day! We then headed to Starbucks for our first pumpkin scones of the season and then dropped Adam off at school for a few hours so we could do some shopping and go out for lunch--sushi yum!

Then I got to hang with Adam in the afternoon (after spending a few hours on his cake that is) and was treated to some great new perfume from my boys!

After Adam went to bed I got to enjoy a four course wine pairing dinner that Andy prepared. It started with a warm goat cheese with apricot preserves on top served along side a citrusy (is that a word?) proseco, then a mushroom soup served with a Virginia oaky chardonnay, then we had a prime rib with blue cheese mashed potatoes and broccoli casserole with an amazing cabernet, and to top it all off we had chocolate covered strawberries, bananas and marshmallows served with a Virginia chocolate and red wine. Phew! It sounds like a lot (and it was!) but it was also served over about a 4 hour time period. A great evening! (though I only snapped one photo!)

Thanks Andy and Adam for a great birthday! :)

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