Monday, September 6, 2010

Adam's 1st Birthday Party

In addition to our small celebration on Friday we also gathered our family together on Saturday to honor our little guy and also as a way for us to say "thanks" to everyone who helped us out so much in this first year.

We had a little BBQ and mostly just enjoyed watching all the kids chase after one another (well, except for Olivia who was much happier watching).

Adam had been napping when everyone showed up so when we brought the birthday boy down he was a little confused as to how all of a sudden all of his favorite people were in the same room together! It didn't take him long to relax and start showing off big smiles and a few of his tricks.

As if the sugar rush on Friday wasn't enough, he also got to enjoy a "smash" cake in front of the crowd. He did a great job and I think just like his mom he really does have a sweet tooth!

After a quick bath we gathered everyone together to open presents. Adam was so lucky to get so many great clothes and toys and has already been exploring them all.

It was a great party and while Adam might not remember it, we will certainly never forget how fortunate we are to have such amazing family and friends that love our little Adam.

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