Monday, September 27, 2010

Speaking of wine...

Thursday night we headed up to Wintergreen for a nice and relaxing long weekend. I'm about to enter into busy season, so it was one last hurrah before things get crazy for me.

Friday we headed down the mountain to do some grocery shopping and on our way back up we stopped by the King Family Winery to see what was new there and to take in the scenery. Adam had a ball playing in the grass and showing off all of his awesome walking skills.

After that we headed to this adorable country store where we picked up some yummy sandwiches and several types of cheese and a fresh baguette for a picnic. We then took our picnic to the Wintergreen Winery where we enjoyed the great breeze and even more time for Adam to "run around" in the grass.

It was great to be able to finally spend some time outside and it's amazing how much our little guy has grown up! He is so independent now and just wants to go off on his own and play with the leaves and every now and again we'll get lucky and he'll decide to run back into one of our arms, at least for a second, and then off he goes again! :)

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