Thursday, September 9, 2010

New toys...

Adam is loving all of his new toys, almost as much as I am loving having new things to entertain him with!

Uncle Mark got him this great baby grand piano that Adam has been pretty mesmerized with. We did have to move it to the basement though as he started to think of it as yet another "push toy" that he could walk around on the hardwoods with! Yikes! But, now he can stand on the carpet and bang away--he's already 10 times the piano player that I was! :)

Aunt Kathleen's play tunnel has also been a big hit! We set it up for a little while in the kitchen on Monday and he had a blast crawling through and playing with his other toys in the tent portion. Even Daddy was chasing him through the tunnels. The best part is it folds down into a nice little carrying case, so we can easily bring that with us when we travel.

Grandma and Grandpa got him a little school bus that also has some counting and learning colors and such aspects to it. He has enjoyed pushing that around the island and hopefully soon it will help him learn his numbers and colors!

Ommy and Poppy gave him a little play cell phone which has been the most entertaining thing to watch him play with. He is so cute how he'll actually have little conversations into the phone and when we pick it up to "answer it" he gets all excited and crawls over to us so he can say "hello" to whomever is on the other line...sometimes it's Ommy, sometimes it's Liddy, sometimes it's his girlfriend, Ava, etc. etc. Regardless, his face lights up and he starts talking a mile a minute into the phone....should I be worried?? Perhaps it's time we start saving those rollover minutes!! ;)

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