Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Harper hits 8 months!

Our little buddy has been doing so great. His personality just shines through and he is becoming more and more active every day. Leading up to his 8 month milestone he really developed a great taste for all foods - minus peaches for some strange reason. He loves green beans, bananas, chicken, turkey, blueberries, squash, pumpkin - the list goes on and on - again, except for those peaches. Maybe someday he'll change his mind. Though if there is a food he isn't going to like, I'll take peaches over anything green any day! :) 

On the mobility front he's just a total rolly polly! He isn't crawling yet - those arms and legs need to grow just a little bit - but he sure knows how to get from point A to point B by rolling his way there! It's pretty funny and you definitely can't let him out of your sight - who knows where he'll roll to! 

He is very engaging and lets you know what he's feeling - there's no doubt about that. If you aren't paying attention to him - he'll let you know. If he's hungry and you're taking too long to get him another bite of food - he'll let you know. If he's soooooo happy to see you in the morning - he'll let you know. It's great watching him learn to communicate, and even though he isn't using real words yet, he definitely gets his point across. The best is watching him interact with Adam - if he can get Adam laughing at something he is doing you'd think he'd won the lottery. Those sweet boys are already the best brothers ever. 

There isn't a check-up at 8 months, but he did see a pulmonologist a few days after the 8 month mark just to check on some wheezing that he has - it's nothing to worry about they said but we did get a nebulizer to have on hand if he is ever sick and the wheezing gets worse. At that visit he weighed in at almost 19 pounds. Big, happy, healthy, chunky 8 month old! 

Happy 8 months you gorgeous blue eyed, blonde haired angel you! 

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