Friday, May 6, 2016

An American Girl Birthday for Olivia...

I'm so lucky to have an adorable niece who I can re-live the girly parts of my childhood through. For her 6th birthday I got to do that in spades as we surprised her with a trip to the American Girl Store for lunch and a wee bit of a shopping. :) 

I couldn't resist bringing my American Girl, Kirsten, along for the ride and Olivia had her Bitty Baby, Wendy, with her. Sure I may be 33, but that day I was 8 again - and that was ok. 

It really is an awesome experience - they have thought of all the details, including cute hair ties that serve as napkin rings but that you can take home with you - high chairs for your dolls and tiny cups and saucers so they can dine alongside you - cocktails on the menu for the moms (aunties & grandmas) and of course chocolate milk for the kiddos - doll holders in the bathrooms - and of course a store filled with every imaginable outfit, accessory, book, video, doll, etc. that any girl would love to have! 

We had so much fun shopping with Olivia and letting her pick out some new clothes and accessories for Wendy. I'd say Olivia left there quite happy with all her big red bags! 

After the American Girl Store we let the boys in on the celebration with cake, ice cream and more presents back at their house. 

A perfect celebration for a perfect little girl! Happy birthday Olivia! XO 

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