Thursday, May 19, 2016

Adam's Garden...

Adam has been asking us to put in a garden for him since they started their garden at school a few weeks back. Don't let him fool you - it's not because he has some crazy desire to grow his own vegetables to eat - no, he wants this so he can set up a farmer's market on our driveway to sell said vegetables. Ah Adam - our little businessman! 

With some advice from Poppy on the best veggies to plant for a novice gardener and budding businessman, Adam & Andy got to work building garden boxes and planting their crop. On the docket were tomatoes, radishes (random, but Poppy said they'd be ready to harvest in about a month - we're looking for some quick victories here), carrots, cucumbers, & sunflowers (that last one was a surprise for me as Adam knows how much I love having sunflowers in the house.) 

We're looking forward to watching the garden grow - and hopefully in a month Adam will have his first crop to sell - he says he's hoping for $10 per vegetable - so we may need to work on his business plan - regardless I like his gumption! 

Stay tuned... 

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