Monday, December 28, 2015

When Harper met the Harpers....

We'd been waiting for this day since September 5 - the day Harper would meet two of our favorite people that he just happens to be named after - Don & Rosemary (Mae Mae) Harper. I can say with certainty they were equally as anxious and excited for this day to arrive as well. 

I've known the Harpers my whole life - they were my parent's neighbors when they first moved to Sterling, then quickly went from neighbors to friends, to family - it's fun when that happens. Andy was introduced to them a loooooong time ago and I think he also found how easy it was to move past seeing them as just friends to truly thinking of them as family. 

Harper was always going to be named Harper - but after the scare he gave us arriving 2.5 months early, there was no doubt he needed that strong name - and I think he wears it well. 

Looking forward to lots more time spent with the all three of our Harpers. XO 

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